• Sat 7th Feb 2015 - 7:10am

    NOTE: We have a 0 tolerance rule. This means if you break the rules, there will be no excuses.

    Please use the channels respectively.
    Don't stay in a "Competitive" channel when you're not playing competitive.

    Please have a custom nickname, and stick to it.
    It is important to have a name that we can distinguish you from.
    You can change your name, but not often.


    Following rules are general rules across Teamspeak and any other form of communication we have in the Community. Please follow them!

    These rules may change every once and a while, please check back here often. Thanks. The most important rule when it comes to anything, anywhere is to USE COMMON SENSE. Think before you act.

    Not knowing or following the rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them!

    General Rules:

    • Minimize burping or rude gestures.

    • No Racism.

    • No Homophobia.

    • No Advertising.

    • Don't be an ass.

    • Don't impersonate people (Same Nickname)

    • No bad/disrespectful avatars (Anything bad in general)

    • No singing or whistling unless all allow it (unless if in own channel)

    • Music is only allowed if ALL people allow it. (unless if in own channel)

    • No Sound Boards or Voice Changers. (Only allowed if EVERYONE in channel allows it)

    • No Offensive Language and Keep Swearing to a Minimum.

    • Keep nicknames responsible and clean

    • Respect all members no matter what.

    • Ban Evasion is prohibited.

    • Pornographic Material is not allowed.

    • Annoying noises (Typing & Clicking) can lead to talk power restrictions, USE PUSH TO TALK

    Staff Rules:
    • Don't Abuse Your Powers.

    • Don't be rude

    • Minimize burping or rude gestures

    • You must not client mute players, they might need something.

    • Kicking/Banning with no reason is not allowed.

    • Set an example, don't be stupid around members.

    • Staff channels are used for staff reasons only, not for casual use. If you want privacy, get your own channel

    If found breaking any rules, you'll be warned. Depending on the severity, you can be banned straight away without any warnings or notice. When you get banned, it will always be on a time limit.

    If you are ever permanently banned, you will not ever be able to access the TeamSpeak server again unless you are given another chance which is not likely.

    For staff:

    If you abuse your powers or abuse any of the rules above, your staff permissions will be taken away temporarily and further action will be taken if necessary.

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