TopicHow Do I Get My Printer Back Online – HP Printer not printing

  • Thu 18th Jul 2019 - 1:10pm

    s your HP printer Not Printing? Setting up a printer properly is a prime task that permits you to perform any further activities. If your printer is not properly installed, you will not be able to print your documents.
    Therefore, To start printing, you must know how do I get my printer back online. Like any other process, changing the printer’s status also requires a series of steps to be followed. Here are those steps:
    1-Open the Device and Printers folder from Start menu
    2-Right-click the HP printer icon
    3-Click Printer Menu
    4-From the menu, uncheck Use Printer Offline
    5- It will begin printing the documents ready in the queue

    While printing the documents, if the printing stops in the middle then it could be due to the occurrence of some other errors. The error could also occur while changing the printer from offline to online. So, don’t get worried and think how do I get my printer back online; call the HP customer support team and get the required assistance from a certified technician.

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